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There was never any doubt for journeyman bluesman Paul Kaye; from the time he was eight years old, that he would be a musician. “I can’t remember a time that my mind wasn’t on learning music,” he recalls.

In his early teens Paul was mentored by Peter Pichow, the son of folk legend Jean Richie. This fortunate union opened up a world of traditional country blues music to the young man; players like Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Blake and the Reverend Gary Davis became his heroes and stylistic models. He was attracted by the complexity of playing and fullness of sound necessitated by the solo-guitarist format. The great country-blues artists made it sound—single handedly—like there were two or three guitars churning all at once. “With a band, individual player don’t have as much responsibility,” Paul says. “But solo players really have to work to get the big sound.”