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John “Boom” Brumbach: (Born 1950, Chicago IL) Boom began playing Tenor Sax in 1969. By the early 1970’s was backing up Chicago Soul Singers Renaldo Domino,
General Crook, Bill Coday, Darrow Fletcher and Simtec & Wylie as a member of the T-Boxes Band. He also performed with Pieces Of Peace, The John Brown Memorial Rhythm Band and SweetFire.

Moving to Los Angeles in 1974, he joined Rufus with Chaka Khan. They toured with the Rolling Stones and The Eagles. Boom also performed with Motown Legends Jermaine Jackson, Dennis Coffey, Bloodstone, and The Gap Band. He recorded with George Clinton & Parliament on the seminal “Mothership Connection” album on which his sax solo graces the classic “P-Funk.” He became close friends with Buddy Miles and the notorious Ike Turner. Returning to Chicago in 1981, he began playing and recording with Ray Hillborn, the Legendary Count Sibaldi, and various Chicago Soul and Blues artists.He’s recorded Jazz CD’s with Brother Jack McDuff, Ari Brown, Erma Thompson and Erwin Helfer. He continues to play regularly with Helfer, with whom he has toured Europe a dozen times, John remains one of Chicago’s finest Blues & Jazz Tenor Sax players!

Mark “Max” Brumbach: (Born 1951, Oak Park IL) Max started playing guitar and harmonica in the mid 1960’s. His first jobs on harmonica were with Johnny Young, Wild Child Butler and the legendary Sunnyland Slim (with whom he recorded for Airway Records in 1974). He began playing piano in 1969, and by 1972 he was backing up such Chicago Blues and R&B stalwarts as Eddie Taylor, Sam Lay, Johnny Littlejohn, J.B.Hutto, and Otis Clay. He toured Canada with the great Jimmy Reed, afterwards staying for 2 years to play and record with Rockabilly Legend Matt Lucas. Max continues to perform with various other R&B, Country and Rock n’ Roll artists these days, as often as possible!

Shannon “Shannie Mack” McLennan: (Born 1987, Chicago IL)

Raised on Chicago’s Northwest side in a musical family, young Shannon was Christened “Shannie Mack” these many years later by her mentor and beloved band mate Max Brumbach, in honor of the late, great, Rock & Roll Legend Lonnie Mack.

Shannie’s diverse vocal influences range from Ella Fitzgerald, Little Richard, and Fats Domino, to, Prince, Rising Appalachia, and Bikini Kill. She is a Welder, Railroad worker by day and pursues her musical passion by night. Hers is a promise of a great musical future, a future that the Boom Brothers are very proud to share!

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