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Welcome to Perry’s Pizza & Catering! We’re a Park Ridge Restaurant famous for our delicious thin crust, crispy pizza. Our pies are baked on a 500 degree stone, topped with a velvety smooth tomato sauce and creamy, aged mozzarella cheese that pizza fans absolutely crave. We use only authentic recipes and serve pizza with over 26 fresh ingredient options. We also feature our popular panzarottis (a pizza that’s folded over) that is glazed to perfection with garlic olive oil. Perry’s menu additionally offers excellent pan pizzas and stuffed pizzas too. Join us or place a pizza order for delivery and taste the different tonight!

Park Ridge Restaurant

Park Ridge Restaurant Serving Famous “Beer Pizza”

It’s probably our most well-known creation! Perry’s original Beer Pizza was invented right here back in
1980 by our very own restaurant staff – pizza fans won’t find it anywhere else. This delectable pie is perfectly topped with sausage, onions, bacon, parmesan, mozzarella and pepperoncini peppers. Try the Beer Pizza tonight and your guests will love it!

Homemade Sandwiches

Whether you’re in the mood for a fresh grilled veggie sandwich or a club made with our smoky bacon and sliced turkey, we serve sandwiches guaranteed to please. We offer many different breads and rolls ready to be filled with your choice of ham, turkey, chicken breast or Italian beef.


How about something with a bit of a twist? Order one of our herb-encrusted Paninis on fresh baked ciabbata bread. Or how about a healthy wrap combo with turkey, steak, Buffalo chicken or Thai? If you name it we have it!


At our Park Ridge Restaurant, Grandma’s special pasta meat sauce is a true favorite. All of our pasta dishes are made fresh to order – choose from our meat sauce, alfredo, marinara, suprema or try the Roma tomato with garlic sauce. Select from a wide variety of noodles or try the homemade lasagna, cheese ravioli or the mushroom ravioli – bon appetit!

Awesome Appetizers and Super Side Dishes

There’s plenty of appetizers to choose from on the menu at our Park Ridge Restaurant. Start off your order with selections like nachos, riblets, wings, beer nuggets, corn dogs or quesadillas. When it comes to our salads, each order is prepared fresh with crisp, authentic ingredients such as cauliflower, broccoli, avocado, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, fresh croutons and more. We also offer choice meat selections to add to your salad like fresh ham, turkey, juicy skirt steak or marinated chicken breast.


Like all of the kitchen creations at our Park Ridge Restaurant, we make our desserts fresh every day. Whatever your sweet tooth may be craving, we’ve got it: tasty tiramisu, carrot cake, brownies, double chocolatey chip cookies with pecans and more. We’ll put our desserts up against those served at “five star” restaurants any day!

About Our Park Ridge Restaurant

Perry’s Pizza & Catering is a Park Ridge Restaurant that was founded in 1967. Even since then we’ve been serving great pizza and Italian cuisine to patrons from all over the Chicagoland community. To continue successfully for this long in the competitive restaurant industry we must be doing something right! Check out our outstanding pizza and other menu options at affordable prices here on this site. Then, place your order and we’ll take care of the rest!

Traditional recipes made with fresh ingredients every day in our kitchen is the key to what’s kept us flourishing – and our hungry patrons happy – for so many years. Plus, we have a great staff that takes excellent care our customers – some our employees have been at Perry’s for more than 15 years. Stop by and try Perry’s Pizza for your next night out!